Types Of Teas And Their Health Benefits

Types Of Teas And Their Health Benefits

A nutritious diet and regular physical exercise in addition to consuming a healthy beverage on a regular basis would be the best combination for a perfect body, a pleasant mind, and a healthy lifestyle. With growing health consciousness and increasing awareness of the ways and means of attaining it the demand for Healthy teas is increasing exemplarily.

Here, in this blog, I would like to take you across a few astonishing teas which would be beneficial to your health.

Herbal Tea:  

Herbal tea is infused with the aroma of the aromatic herbs and is getting widely popular and being consumed for its medicinal and therapeutic properties as well for its rejuvenating aroma. Herbal teas are usually devoid of caffeine unlike the true teas, which are decaffeinated teas as the caffeine has been removed. Herbal teas are so delicious, which can be served both hot and cold and also as an alternative to the highly caffeinated beverages.

Health benefits of Herbal Tea: It has been found that drinking 3 cups of herbal tea daily could lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is the healthiest tea loaded with AntiOxidant and anti-aging properties. Widely popular for its health-imparting qualities. Green tea retains the maximum amount of antioxidants and polyphenols, substances that give green tea its health-imparting qualities.

Health Benefits of  Green Tea: The tea infused with catechins, a subgroup is known as ECGC, gives protection from cancer to heart diseases and provides us with all possible health benefits.

Black Tea:

Black tea is the most common variety of tea and accounts for about 75% of global consumption. It contains the maximum concentration of caffeine and antioxidant compounds. It’s generally strong in flavour and has high oxidation effect.

Health Benefits of Black Tea: Drinking 2 to 3 cups of black tea every day will reduce the risk of heart stroke and lowers the blood pressure. Its high antioxidant properties and caffeine content leave you active and lively all day.

Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea differs from black tea with respect to its fermentation process, its fermented for a shorter period compared to black tea, that gives its delicious taste. It’s also well known for its antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea: Oolong is the best aids in weight loss, helps in excessive fat burning.

These are a  few among the best healthy beverages that have health-promoting properties. Every Tea plays it perfect role in promoting health and providing a pleasant mind and every tea has its own healing property but in comparison, the most advised and widely used tea is Green tea, so it’s described as “The Healthiest Beverage on the Earth”.


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